SharePoint Social Media


At Infotech, we have a great mix of talent and culture in our team that allows us to see the good in both the consistent and stable as well as the new and trendy. Being a web centric company we are following closely the trends in Social media and understand their importance in user adoption both internally and externally.

The new user profile page in SharePoint 2010 offers a very similar experience to the features you are used to using on your Facebook and Twitter.

SharePoint 2010 has changed how you interact with enterprise social media in several ways, all of which we take into account with our solutions:

  • Organization – Shows an org-chart based relationship to colleagues
  • Colleagues – which allows you to connect to others you interact with most.
  • Content - which shows you what files you interact with most.
  • Tags and Notes - to help you keep track of your favorite content.
  • Memberships - which shows you what distribution lists and sites you are a member of.
  • Dynamic Feeds – Shows you your basic activity, similar to a Facebook wall.

Social Media in SharePoint is a great way to engage both customers and employees and Infotech is available to help you launch a SharePoint Social Media Strategy today!

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