SharePoint Records Management


One common factor for records management is legal compliance. A document becomes a record when it contains information about the running of the business, contains information that must be retained with statutory requirements or contains information about an employee/potential employee.

Microsoft has made a significant investment in this area in SharePoint 2010 and has vastly improved the records center which places an AJAX interface on top of the new Records Center. In addition to better management of records, searching has also been enhanced with the ability to search document ID’s right on the page.

In place records management is also now a reality in 2010. In this method, the documents remains in the current location but is classified as record. This will allow the document to gain the appropriate security, retention and disposition without requiring being sent to a central location.

Auditing, barcodes and labels, features you’ve come to know in SharePoint 2007 of course are all still available.

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