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Whether your SharePoint application is hosted internally or externally, a high performance SharePoint hosting infrastructure is essential to the success of your SharePoint implementation.

We believe that only the best is good enough for our client’s SharePoint environment. Even the best built application can perform poorly if the underlying hosting infrastructure is not providing the necessary environment for the application. We understand the importance of factors like; capacity planning, backup plans, and disaster recovery.

There are many ways you can engage us for your hosting needs, a few common scenarios are:

Internal SharePoint Hosting

You already have a working SharePoint Server farm, but not satisfied with the performance.

Contact Infotech today to schedule a SharePoint Server Farm health check.

You may already have the infrastructure, and the capability to host your SharePoint Server Farm, but you require assistance with the installation and configuration of the application.

This is ideal for organizations that are already hosting other enterprise applications and have a dedicated server administrator team with skills on the Microsoft Platform such as: Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft SQL Server.

Infotech’s certified SharePoint Technicians will assist server administrators with the installation and the configuration of your SharePoint Hosting including setting up; DMZs, SQL Server Connections, AD connection, and Firewall Rules.

Contact Infotech today to hear how our certified SharePoint Technicians can you help with your Internal SharePoint hosting.

You may have the infrastructure, and the capability to host the SharePoint Server Farm, but you would like Infotech to provide in-house personnel with SharePoint Training specialized for SharePoint Server Administrators.

Some of our clients prefer this option because it allows in-house personnel to acquire the necessary skills to perform ongoing maintenance of the SharePoint Hosting infrastructure.

Infotech’s certified SharePoint Technicians will conduct specialized SharePoint Training for the SharePoint Server Administrators. The training session will take offset in your own environment and the participants will develop a deep understanding and knowledge about the exact setup within your organization.

Contact Infotech today to hear how our certified SharePoint Technicians can you help with your Internal SharePoint Hosting.

External SharePoint Hosting

Do you prefer to outsource the hosting of your SharePoint environment, so you can focus on running your business?

Infotech has a strong partnership with Rackspace.com – a high quality SharePoint hosting provider located in San Antonio, Texas. Together we can analyze your requirements and deliver a solution that will fit your needs today and well into the future.

SharePoint Online on Office365

SharePoint Online is an inexpensive opportunity for medium sized companies to get familiar and comfortable with SharePoint Hostin in the cloud. SharePoint Online offers a simple and easy way to get hands on experience in working with SharePoint without having to worry about hardware, setup, or installation. Hosting your SharePoint business application in the cloud allows you to scale your setup as your SharePoint site grows, and the number of users increases.

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