SharePoint Document Management

We understand that in a world filled with digital information, having a strategy for managing documents is critical to making key decisions. Without a formal document management system, content is saved on scattered file shares and individual hard disk drives. This makes it hard for employees to find, share, and collaborate effectively. Even worse it puts critical data at risk of being lost in a sea of information.


While it’s not realistic to assume you will always have every piece of information at your fingertips, leveraging SharePoint does give you a great way to filter large amounts of information to find what you need quickly using out of the box tagging and filtering features.

We can help you to leverage SharePoint for your document management needs, giving you the ability to:

  • Store, organize, and locate documents
  • Ensure the consistency of documents
  • Tag and Filter Documents
  • Help protect documents from unauthorized access or use
  • Attach a workflow to Documents
  • Protect them during editing with Document Check In / Check Out
  • Version History and Retention Policies
  • Search
  • Access from anywhere in the world

Infotech has a history of delivering innovative document management solutions on SharePoint; contact us today to learn how we can help you leverage SharePoint for your document management needs.

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