SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS)


Microsoft's SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS) is a Software Assurance (SA) benefit designed to help organizations plan effective SharePoint deployments that optimize the core capabilities of SharePoint.

For customers, SDPS enables you to maximize the value of your technology investment, while lowering the cost of deployment. Take advantage of your SA benefits today, find a Partner!

For partners, SDPS provides the training, tools, and support to help your customers deploy or upgrade to SharePoint 2010. Now is a great time to become a SDPS partner or expand your current offerings.

This Microsoft sponsored service is available multiple formats from 1 to 15 day engagements. Aimed at being your guide to getting up and running with a basic SharePoint solution, SDPS workshops are fast-paced and exciting.

Please consult with one of our sales representatives or with your Microsoft representative to inquire about your eligibility. More information can be found on the software assurance benefits site set up specifically for SharePoint Deployment Planning Services here: https://iwsolve.partners.extranet.microsoft.com/sdps

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