SharePoint Branding and User Experience

SharePoint Design Services

We take pride in delivering innovative business solutions that are not only functional, but are aesthetically pleasing and offer the user a truly interactive SharePoint experience that really drives user adoption, ensuring you make the most of your investment.


Custom Look & Feel

One of the most common requests we get when it comes to SharePoint is how do we make it look less like SharePoint and more like our corporate brand. Luckily, we happen to specialize in doing just that, making SharePoint look pretty.

We have a talented creative team that go the extra mile to ensure pixel perfect visual presentation and usability. We thrive on delivering online experiences rather than run of the mill applications. The answer is really quite simple when it comes to building SharePoint Intranets or Public facing websites – if you can do it on the web, we can do it in SharePoint.

User Experience and User Adoption

Understanding behavior is part of our success strategy. It’s not enough to only have pretty graphics, your solution must be user friendly and engaging to ensure usage is maximized and subsequently you realize better return on your investment, as it doesn’t matter how pretty or functional your application is if no one is using it. We work hard to strike a balance between functional requirements, usability and aesthetics.

We have subject matter experts that have been working in this area of SharePoint since 2003 and we can put this experience to work for you in many ways. From designing user friendly applications and websites/intranets to facilitating workshops aimed at training your team or helping you to create a user adoption strategy that is right for your organization.

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