New Brunswick Power Corporation

Employees at NB Power rely on the current intranet for up to date communications, policies, procedures and other information to do their jobs. The older ASP based intranet has been difficult to maintain and scale out for their needs.

Company Profile

With over 2,500 employees, NB Power is based in the capital city of Fredericton. Its mission is to provide consistent, safe and reliable energy at the lowest cost to all New Brunswick homes and businesses.


After determining the business requirements a decision was made to develop a new Intranet based on the SharePoint 2010 platform. A content migration strategy was part of the solution deployment which provided the user community better access to the existing information and more flexibility moving forward.


  • An up to date and flexible technology platform that encourages user adoption;
  • Collaborative areas for individuals working within teams;
  • Alignment of branding between the existing internet site and the intranet; and
  • Better support for multilingual content.


Microsoft SharePoint 2010


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